Our quantitative Global Student Satisfaction Survey is aimed at further understanding graduating and penultimate year undergraduates, future aspirations, global undergraduate programme reflections and expectations following an undergraduate degree.

Tracking graduate outcomes is essential for enhancing the quality of education and positively influencing the futures of both current students and alumni. By evaluating various factors such as the relevance of academic programs and employment outcomes, educational leaders, stakeholders and policymakers can ensure that the perspectives and experiences of graduates are integral to evidence-based decision-making processes.

This global and comprehensive approach helps target and revisit existing programmes to meet student and employability demands but also addresses equity issues, ultimately leading to more informed and effective educational pathways. By doing so, the voices of graduates are not just heard but actively shape the future of education.

In collaboration with Times Higher Education - Student, this critical work will integrate with the existing incoming data, offering valuable insights from graduating students about their expectations and the limitations of today's degree programmes.

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