Judge Speaking

Every year, The Undergraduate Awards invites reputable academics and industry leaders from a diverse range of academic and cultural backgrounds to the world’s largest virtual academic judging process.

Taking part in the UA Judging Process is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the state of top undergraduate research worldwide.

Prof Joel Faflak

"The standard of essays is remarkable and judging this cutting edge work gives such a valuable insight into how our research fields are moving into the future"

- 2016 Judge of Literature

The UA Judging Process

The Judging Process typically runs from the end of June to the beginning of September and is divided into four stages. Each of the 25 categories is assigned an expert panel who are tasked with choosing Highly Commended Entrants, Regional Winners and one Global Winner.

We aim to make the Judging Process an exceptionally rewarding and enriching experience allowing for connections between academics from across the world.

David Irwin

"One thing that struck me about the essays was the breadth of knowledge and the discipline of structure. I don’t like to use the word brilliant, but they truly were brilliant. Once we were down to the last ten we were wondering how we could separate perfection from perfection."

- Dr David Irwin, 2016 Judging Chair of Anthropology & Cultural Studies

Why become a Judging Panellist?

As a UA Judge, you will:

  • Gain insight into the focus and quality of undergraduate coursework produced by top students around the world.
  • Join a network of high-profile international academics.
  • Work collaboratively with other experts within your discipline.
Dr Bridgit Schippers

"This is my second year on the Politics/IR panel. The experience of serving on this panel has given me an excellent insight into the breadth and the quality of work produced by undergraduate students in my field. It is without hesitation that I would recommend contributing to the UA to my peers."

- Dr Birgit Schippers, 2015 Judge of Politics & International Relations


For further information on becoming a Judge for The Undergraduate Awards Programme, you can email us at judging@undergraduateawards.com or click the Apply Now button below or you can Recommend a Judge.