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The annual UA Global Summit is a unique three-day event for undergraduate students and academics.

The Global Undergraduate Summit is built around the central tenet of sharing information, knowledge and ideas, while making long-standing interdisciplinary and international connections and friendships.

This is a unique event, during which the top performing students and recent graduates from across the world are brought together for multiple days of networking, discussion and celebration. The summit aims to impress upon attendees the importance of leadership, while equipping them with the knowledge necessary to further their careers, their ideas and their research.

Throughout the Summit, we will hear our high achieving entrants present their award-winning research in front of their peers as well as from a selection of inspirational speakers from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries, who will share stories from their own professional and academic careers.

Michaela Taylor Williams Portrait

"It’s really amazing. It’s a spectacular experience to be able to listen to such great people present what they’re passionate about and how they’ve dedicated their careers to making a change in the world. It really makes me feel like I have to live up to the standard, go out there and make a difference."

- Michaela Taylor-Williams, University of Western Australia

UA Global Summit 2021

The Global Undergraduate Awards is excited to announce that The UA Global Summit 2021 will take place over three days from 15–17 November 2021.⁠

This year’s Global Summit will be a hybrid event, consisting of two fully online days and one in-person event for Highly Commended students based in the Island of Ireland. Presentations taking place during the in-person day of the Summit will also be streamed online, to remain faithful to our value of inclusivity and our mission to celebrate and recognise outstanding undergraduate research on a global platform.⁠

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