The Global Undergraduate Awards is the world’s leading academic awards programme, open to all undergraduate students in almost every academic discipline and attracting submissions from hundreds of universities on every continent.

The Process

Every year, UA coordinates an awards programme for penultimate and final year undergraduate students, as well as students who have graduated within the programme year. Entrants can submit their work to one of our 25 categories, which represent a broad range of academic disciplines. This work is then anonymously assessed by a panel of international academics and industry leaders. The best 10% of work is shortlisted as Highly Commended, and the top submission in each category is deemed the Global Winner.

Who can submit to the UA 2022 Programme?

The Global Undergraduate Awards 2022 Programme accepts submissions from undergraduate students and recent graduates from the class of 2021, 2022, or 2023.

The UA 2022 Programme is no longer accepting submissions.

What can I submit?

Once you're eligible to submit, you can submit up to 3 pieces of undergraduate coursework that received an A grade or equivalent, completed at any point during your undergraduate studies.

Entries submitted must have been completed in partial fulfillment of an undergraduate degree. Please note that:

  • We do not accept any work completed on an optional programme, such as a summer school or extracurricular club.
  • We do not accept any work for which the entrant(s) received a payment.
  • With the exceptions of the Visual Art and the Architecture & Design categories, submissions must include some forms of academic references.
  • We do not accept any work that has been published online or in print before the submission deadline closes.

How do I prepare my entries?

Before submitting your works, there are a few tasks you need to do to ensure your entry makes it through our screening process and gets seen by the judges:

  • Write your abstract (100-300 words);
  • Anonymise your entry: remove any personal details or details of your institution/supervisor;
  • Check the word count requirements of your category.

Click on the button below to read our step-by-step guide on how to submit your entry to the UA 2022 Programme.

Why should I submit my work?

Submitting your work to the UA 2022 Programme is free and has far-reaching benefits:

  • Gain recognition for excellence within your academic discipline;
  • Build your profile and broaden your network on an international scale;
  • Attend the UA Summit in Dublin;
  • Join the UA Community: an eclectic mix of some of the world's most creative thinkers and problem solvers;
  • Have your work published in The Undergraduate Library.

You can learn more about the UA prize here.

Undergraduate Awards Global Winner Headshots 6 Of 21 Bridget Murphy

"Being recognized for hard work that sometimes feels unnoticed is an amazing feeling. I applied on a whim and a dream that I could visit Dublin and I had no idea how incredible the UA Global Summit would be. I got to meet and connect with so many smart and charismatic people my age from across the world."

- Bridget Murphy, Global Winner in the Earth & Environmental Sciences category in 2017
Undergraduate Awards Global Winner Headshots 10 Of 21 Jamie Sugrue

"It’s definitely worth submitting something, even if you’re not confident you’ll win a prize (I certainly didn’t expect to win anything!). It doesn’t take much time, you’ve done the hard work in writing your piece as part of your university work already, so you really have no excuse not to make the minor formatting tweaks required to submit! The recognition is great, and the summit is lots of fun."

- Jamie Sugrue, Global Winner in the Life Sciences category in 2017
Yusuf Ua Headshot

"Finding out I had been selected as a Highly Commended entrant was a huge surprise, I never expected to win! Being chosen as among the top 10% of over 4000 submissions worldwide gave me a great boost in confidence and self-belief. It is one of the proudest moments of my university career. Interviewing for graduate jobs was very difficult, but having this award on my CV made for a great talking point in my interviews."

- Yusuf Shauq, Highly Commended Entrant in the Engineering category in 2020

Extended Submission Deadline: 17 June 2022, 5 p.m. Irish Summer Time (GMT+1)

Submissions are now closed.