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See what past Winners and Highly Commended Entrants have to say about their experience with the Undergraduate Awards.


"When I received my postgraduate offer from the University of Oxford, I couldn't help thinking about my experience winning an award from the Global Undergraduate Awards. I believe that winning that award is the best thing that ever happened to me... it brought me into the academic world. It helped me build the confidence I needed to move forward in academia and gave me courage to explore the unknown possibilities in life."

- Weifeng Tao, Australian National University, Regional Winner 2022
Anna Deregowski Thumb

"Seeing everyone's ideas was amazing, and not just hearing their ideas but getting to know the people. It almost felt like something magical because we were far away in Dublin and we all came together. I don't get to go away much, so going to Dublin felt like a dream. I kept thinking I'd wake up, and none of it would be real."

- Anna Deregowski, University of Toronto, Highly Commended 2016, Philosophy
Dougles Doyle Baker Thumb

"Over the four-day Summit I had some of the most interesting conversations ever with some of the greatest human beings I have ever met. The diversity of the people in attendance was astounding as well as their ideas, perspectives and views of the world."

- Douglas Doyle-Baker, University of Calgary, US & Canada Regional Winner 2016, Medical Sciences
Esther Olarewaju Thumb

"I felt empowered, motivated and encouraged to never limit myself to the level of success I can achieve. It was also really nice to be applauded for all the hard work during my undergraduate studies."

- Esther Olarewaju, University of Manchester, Highly Commended 2016, Business

"The whole conference was amazing. I think my highlight might be the interdisciplinary collaboration. I got to talk to people from so many backgrounds, cultures and disciplines that it was really eye-opening and gave me a lot of ideas."

- Hilary Pang, University of Toronto, Highly Commended 2016, Life Sciences
Katie Duggan Thumb

"Thanks to UA, my college has awarded me a bursary towards my postgraduate studies and a job position as a Student Ambassador. UA has given me confidence in my abilities and has inspired me to strive for greatness in all areas of my life."

- Katie Duggan, Waterford Institute of Technology, Island of Ireland Regional Winner 2016, Social Sciences: Social Policy
Mary Wang Thumb

"I am a believer that the heart of innovation lies on the borders where diverse fields intersect. The Undergraduate Awards were the literal embodiment of this. When 150 attendees in 25 different disciplines come together, bringing with them an open mind to learn from others, you have the perfect recipe for great ideas and thought-provoking conversations!"

- Mary (Ke Meng) Wang, Western University, Global Winner 2016, Languages and Linguistics
Mathilde Paillat Thumb

"The great strength of this event is the people, the dozens of students who come from all over the world and from all disciplinary horizons. It was incredible, a unique opportunity. I come back a person changed, both personally and in my academic and professional perspectives."

- Mathilde Paillat, Université de Lausanne, Highly Commended 2016, Social Science: Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Michael Goco Thumb

"Never did I think that I'd ever step into Ireland until the UA Global Summit, first time in Europe and I will never forget it! Being able to present my paper on Religious Studies on the same platform as other Arts and Science students truly exemplifies the dedication by UA to the pursuit of truth from different perspectives."

- Michael Goco, University of British Columbia, Highly Commended 2016, Social Science: Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Sayed Ahmad Saeed Thumb

"I have no words to express my feelings about how much this award means to me. The Undergraduate Awards has inspired, energised and motivated me to go further in achieving excellence."

- Sayed Ahmad Saeed, Dublin Institute of Technology, Island of Ireland Regional Winner 2016, Built Environment

"Attending the UA Global Summit was an amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to present my work to others at an international conference. No words will be enough to describe the feeling of being there. Every day I learnt new things from interacting with others. It is the best international meeting I have been to. I enjoyed every single day of it."

- Shahad Hamed Aljuhani, King Abdulaziz University, Africa and the Middle East Regional Winner 2016, Medical Sciences
Nikhil Jacob Thumb

"At the UA Global Summit, I got some very valuable advice from Prof. Ian Robertson. The conversation I had with him has shaped an entire PhD proposal. I also met a Google manager at an Irish pub who has generously offered to help with any applications there! It was truly an awesome experience."

- Nikhil Jacob, The University of Sheffield, Europe Regional Winner 2016, Engineering
Patrick Liu Thumb

"Rarely do I have the opportunity to interact with and be inspired by global scholars outside of my STEM bubble. The moment I arrived I felt an instant connection with the other attendees because of our similar yet so beautifully diverse passions for academic work. Truly a life-changing experience."

- Patrick Liu, Northwestern University, Highly Commended 2016, Psychology
Robert Sarich Thumb

"The UA Global Summit was an amazing experience marked by a rich exchange of ideas among undergraduates from all over the world. It is unlike any other awards programme in existence. Ensuring top-performing students are recognised at an undergraduate level will help to foster the next generation of world-leading academics."

- Robert Sarich, Australian National University, Oceania Regional Winner 2016, Business
Wyatt Merkley Thumb

"I left the UA Global Summit with the overwhelming feeling that the world needs more of what I experienced: From the lecturers to the simple act of meeting so many people from all over the globe, the UA Summit impressed on me, more than anything, the need for cooperation and empathy between nations, between disciplines, and between people worldwide."

- Wyatt Merkley, Western University, Highly Commended 2016, Literature: English
Talitha Claassens Thumb

"Even though the UA Global Summit was only four days, my life has been forever changed. My eyes have been opened to new possibilities and exciting new ideas. I have a newfound appreciation for international cross-disciplinary collaboration and I feel inspired and motivated to make local and global changes to our world."

- Talitha Claassens, Massey University, Oceania Regional Winner 2016, Nursing and Midwifery
Wayne Egan Thumb

"My personal experience as a UA Global Winner was one of huge positivity, inclusivity and fun! I can very sincerely say that being involved with UA was one of my best life experiences - and all because I clicked a button and submitted my paper."