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This year, The Global Undergraduate Summit will incorporate nine themes under a central idea: Know Your Worth, Know Your Responsibility.

Delegates – students, academics, and industry members alike – will be invited to consider their research in the context of themes including Food Integrity & Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion, and Future Finances. In collaboration across disciplines, guests at the Summit will come together to innovate in addressing problems faced around the world.

The nine themes include:

  • Smart Cities - designing better and more sustainable cities
  • Food integrity and sustainability for a growing population
  • Wellness in equilibrium - sport, fitness, and the healthy mind
  • AI, robotics, and the future of work
  • Data, privacy, and the rise of fake news
  • The rise of China and emerging markets
  • Diversity and inclusion: working together for change
  • Medtech and new solutions in the health sciences
  • Future finances - commerce, cryptocurrencies, and the new global trade
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Why Attend?

This unique 3-day event brings together entrants to The Global Undergraduate Awards, international academics, and industry representatives.

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Previous Summits

Learn about UA's previous Summits, which have taken place in some of Dublin's most beautiful and historic venues, hosting speakers including Mae Jemison, A.C. Grayling, and President Michael D Higgins.

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