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Educational stage

The Global Undergraduate Awards 2020 Programme accepts submissions from students and recent graduates from the class of 2019, 2020, or 2021.

An undergraduate student refers to an individual studying for a bachelor's degree, which is usually 3 or 4 years in duration.

UA also accepts coursework from students of five-year degrees where relevant, including medical students, and students of law or architecture.

Part-time undergraduates

Individuals who are studying for an undergraduate degree on a part-time basis are eligible to submit, once they have completed two-thirds of the required coursework for their degree.

Honours year

In countries with an optional honours year, such as Australia, your eligibility is determined by your expected graduation year.

If you are planning to complete a four-year degree, you are eligible to submit in your third or fourth year of study. If you are planning to undertake a three-year degree, you are eligible to submit in your second or third year of study.