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Toronto Metropolitan University to Build New Student Wellbeing Centre in the Heart of Campus

In a momentous referendum that took place in November 2022, Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) students voted in favour of investing in enhanced health and wellbeing services, including the development of a state-of-the-art Student Wellbeing Centre set to open in 2025 in the heart of campus.

The university is incredibly excited for the opportunity to continue to transform student wellbeing programming, and improvements to the quality, timeliness and level of care students receive is currently underway. The long-term vision of bringing all services together in one building ultimately aims to raise awareness of the many resources available to students, to improve accessibility to programming, and to maximize connection points – providing holistic delivery of health and wellbeing services for decades to come.

Wellbeing at TMU is rooted deeply in the university’s commitment to equity. “What we're trying to create is physical spaces, as well as programs and services that allow students to be their whole selves, to find community, to challenge the barriers and structures that impede them, and to get help in ways that are reflective, supportive and understanding of their lived experiences,” says Jen McMillen, Vice-Provost, Students.

The Student Wellbeing Centre will optimize access to natural light, and will feature mass timber construction to provide a warm, organic feel, as well as opportunities for Indigenous placemaking. The central location and thoughtful, accessible design underscore the important role the Centre will have as a quality environment that focuses on health, openness and inclusiveness as cornerstones of wellbeing.

The new one-stop shop will include programming from TMU’s Medical Centre, Tri-Mentoring Program, Consent Comes First, Academic Accommodation Support, ThriveTMU, and more. In the months ahead, TMU plans to engage students further in the planning and activation of the space.

“We can only do this by partnering with students,” continued McMillen. “We will continue to seek their input to ensure that we are aligned with their needs and are centring their voices as we evolve the university’s plans.”

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