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Launch Global University Leader Award 2024

GUA News: Global University Leader Awards

Get Ready for the Global University Leader Awards: Celebrating Outstanding Universities and their Commitment to International Opportunities for Undergraduates

This year the Global Undergraduate Awards is proud to expand its list of accolades. As we recently announced “a return to our roots” with the inclusion of an All-Ireland Ceremony in this year's proceedings we are also unveiling an award that acknowledges the institutions and their commitment to fostering international collaboration, global studentship and recognising the need to prioritise this work for their students’.

The inaugural Global University Leader Awards will be announced June 28th, and are set to honour the exceptional institutions that prioritise and actively foster their undergraduates' participation in international opportunities. These prestigious awards recognise universities that go above and beyond, providing their students with access to diverse global experiences that expand their horizons and enhance their academic and professional development in our increasingly interconnected world.

Forever a Spotlight on Excellence

The Global University Leader Awards shine a spotlight on universities' commitments to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, nurturing talent, promoting global research endeavours, and equipping students for success on a global platform. By acknowledging these efforts, the awards aim to elevate the standard of global engagement and networking in higher education, ultimately strengthening the global academic economy and fostering a generation of students who are well-prepared to thrive in a multicultural and dynamic environment.

Recognition of Forward-Thinking Approaches

This recognition not only looks to acknowledge the current efforts of recipient universities but also applauds their forward-thinking approaches to education and student development. By encouraging undergraduate engagement in initiatives like the Global Undergraduate Awards, these institutions demonstrate a dedication to fostering a vibrant academic community and preparing students to excel beyond the confines of their campuses.

Jim Barry, Chairman of the Global Undergraduate Awards, remarked, "The Global University Leader Awards seek to highlight the profound impact that universities can have on the academic and professional trajectories of their undergraduate students."

Regional Recognition and Ultimate Winners

Each of our seven regions will be Commended with an Ultimate Global Winning Institution, and officially recognised at our Summit in Dublin in November.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners on June 28th and we look forward to celebrating at our GUA Summit in November.