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GUA Alumni: Siobhán Curtis

2024 GUA Regional Winner for Visual Arts - Siobhán Curtis chalked up another life-affirming achievement recently with an outstanding editorial collaboration with Life magazine and Bambi Thug, the 2024 Ireland Eurovision entrant!

Curtis said, "My work entitled 'Fight or Flight,' is a project that responds to two pivotal questions: What does stress look like? And what does stress feel like? Inspired by the Rorschach test and personal experiences, this internal emotion is transformed into an external sculpture that curves around the body. Using distressing processes and techniques on leather, the piece narrates the intensity, pressure, and tension experienced within and on the body during moments of stress."

The Rorschach test, developed by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach in 1921, involves showing a series of inkblots to individuals and interpreting their perceptions and responses. This psychological test is designed to uncover underlying thoughts, emotions, and personality traits by analyzing how people project their internal experiences onto ambiguous stimuli. Curtis draws from this concept, using the abstract and interpretive nature of the inkblots as a metaphor for the elusive and multifaceted nature of stress. Her sculpture captures this complexity, morphing stress into a tangible form that visually represents the often invisible and internal struggle.

Bambi Thug dressed in Siobhan's work, "Fight or Flight", for the Irish Independent - Life Magazine

During her undergraduate degree show exhibition, at The National College of Art and Design, Curtis made many valuable contacts, including Orla Dempsey, a stylist from Life magazine. Dempsey took note of Curtis's work, expressing a desire to feature it in the magazine when the perfect opportunity arose. When Life magazine got the chance to collaborate with Ireland’s Eurovision contestant, Bambie Thug, Dempsey immediately reached out to Curtis, recognising the perfect match for her unique creation.

Bambi Thug is an innovative and boundary-pushing artist known for their unique blend of music and visual art. Representing Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024, they captivated the worlds audiences with an eclectic style and bold performance. Narrowly missing the top spots, coming in 5th overall the standout takeaway was the visual and dynamic performance and a perfect match to Siobhan's collaboration. Bambi Thug's work often explores themes of identity, rebellion, and self-expression, seamlessly integrating avant-garde fashion and dynamic stage presence. The collaboration with designer Siobhán Curtis for Life magazine showcases a commitment to artistic synergy, further solidifying their reputation as a visionary in the contemporary art and music scene and Siobhan's work as something to watch.


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