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The Discov: Helping Students Find Their Dream University Through Beyond-The-Classroom Matchmaking

Netherlands-based The Discov is on a mission to lower dropouts and improve student wellbeing by transforming the university selection and enrolment process.

Having met at an international boarding school in Eswatini in 2012, founders Rohaan Mathewand Kasper Baars faced the same question that students face today: how do I know which program and university is the right fit for me?

“We struggled to find trustworthy information about the best study options that went beyond curriculum, ranking, and tuition fees” says Rohaan. “And once we arrived, we saw many of ourfellow students struggle or even drop out as they felt their expectations did not meet reality”.

The founders believe that for a student to succeed, they need to match their university both within and outside of the classroom. “Our mission is to help students find a university that will enable them to thrive and reach their full potential - academically, but importantly also personally and socially.” says Kasper Baars.

After interviewing more than 750 current, prospective, and past international students as well as universities on what makes for the right fit, The Discov was born. At the heart of its matchmaking solution is an algorithm that analyzes a student's unique profile and preferences.

By taking into account a wide range of factors such as; academic interests, learning style, environment, extracurricular opportunities and living costs, the algorithm provides students with holistic, data-driven study advice with the top study options for their needs.

The Discov’s services are completely free for students. Students simply enter the platform via and indicate their preferences through a needs assessment. Once submitted, they receive a personalized, data-driven university match report which also acts as a virtual tour of their university experience. Once students can make an informed decision, they can reach out to one the digital study counselors at The Discov to help them submit a winning application.

The founders’ vision is to become the global platform connecting students to their dream universities. Since launching their product in February 2021 they have advised over 38,000 students from 147 different countries. After a successful roll-out in the Netherlands where they work with many of the country’s leading universities, The Discov is now launching their UK platform after signing several partnerships with UK universities.

The Discov is incredibly excited to partner with the Global Undergraduate Awards to be able to strengthen the opportunities and choices for international students from around the world and to continue empowering students to take control of their future.

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