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Grade requirements

Coursework submitted to UA must have received at least an A grade, or a 2.1, or equivalent.

For the purposes of satisfying the eligibility criteria, an A grade includes an A- grade.

Students who will not have received their grade before the deadline may still submit if they received an A, 2.1 or higher overall grade for their most recently completed academic year.

International Grades

Check the list below to find out what the minimum grade requirement for UA is in your grading system.

Africa & Middle East

Angola: 16 or above

Botswana: 70 or above

Israel: 85/9 or above

Nigeria: AB/70 or above

South Africa: 70 or above

Qatar: 4 or above

United Arab Emirates: A- or above


Bangladesh: 70 or above

Hong Kong Uni: 3.7 or above

India: 55 or above

Malaysia: A- or above

Japan: 80 or above

Krygyzstan: 5

Singapore: B+/4.0 or above


Netherlands: 7 or above

Scotland: B3 or above

St Andrews: 14 or above

France: 13 or above

Open University: 70 or above

Finland: 3/2.5 or above

Russia: 50+/5

Turkey: 75 or above

Switzerland: 4.5 or above

Sweden: VG

Spain: Notable 7 or above

Belgium: 16 or above

Portugal: 14 or above

Poland: 4.5 or above

Italy: 27 or above

Ireland: 2:1 or above*

*University College Dublin: A- or 3.8 or above

*University of Limerick: A2 or above

Greece: 7 or above

Germany/Austria: Gut or above

Denmark: 7 or above

Czech Republic: 2 - 1

Latin America

Colombia: 4 or above

Brazil: 75 or above

Mexico: 9 or above



Federal: 80/5 or above

Western Australia: 5 or above

Tasmania: 3.5 or above

South Australia: D/6/75 or above

Queensland: 6 or above

Northern Territory: 17 or above/5

New South Wales: D/75 or above

ACT: 85 or above

ANU: 80 or above

Weighted Average Mark: High Distinction/80% or above

If your grading system is not listed, and you do not know if your coursework is an A or 2.1 equivalent, please contact us at with your grade and institution.