Maniragav is a Medical Student at University College London and recently completed a BSc in Medical Physics and Bioengineering (First Class Honours).

Through working with the World Health Organisation as a Medical Technology and Innovation Intern, Maniragav helped to develop the 2016 Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low-Resource Settings.

As the first Medical Student elected as President of the UCLU Entrepreneurs Society (UCLe), Maniragav led a team of 20 students to manage one of Europe’s largest enterprise societies encompassing over 3,700 online members. Having secured a record £12,000 in funding, he helped to manage the society’s venture capital Fund and invested in 8 UCL startups in 2015/16. Maniragav is a co-founder of Kickstart London, the first student-run pre-accelerator programme active across London universities.

In the future, Maniragav hopes to use his medical technology, business-strategy and start-up experience to address global healthcare inefficiencies.