David is a chemist from the University of Southampton who has been involved in organic chemistry research for a number of years during his undergraduate studies.

Having established an early relationship with Professor David Harrowven, he secured a prestigious Nuffield Undergraduate Research bursary, and has worked closely with him on a number of projects including the total synthesis of an anti-Alzheimer’s compound. His later work overseas at the ENSICAEN research facility in Normandy, saw the development of a new chemical pathway to catalytically and quantitatively access formamides that employed ‘green chemistry’ principles and a novel organoboron catalyst that was developed in-house.

David graduated with first class honours in 2016 and received the faculty gold medal award. His original research from ENSICAEN was graded at over 90% – the highest undergraduate mark seen for many years’. David is now embarking on a PhD with Professor Bruno Linclau at Southampton, funded by Dextra Laboratories.